Roll a 8-sided dice (d8) : 8-sided dices for games and role playing game (RPG)


Result of the throw of 1 dices with 8 sides


Total score : 5

Score detail for each dice side

Sides Occurrences
51 X

All recurring questions about dice

👍 What game can you play with dice?

There are many games that can be played with dice: Craps, Yams, 421 and many others. All are related to numbers and the law of probability.
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💻 How to roll a virtual dice online?

If you don't have dice at home, you can make draws with the virtual dice roll simulator on Thrown.
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🎲 What are the different types of dice?

Many different types of dice exist. The best known today are the cubic or non-cubic dice and dice for RPG.
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⏳ What are the origins of the dice and when does it date back?

The first dice date back to prehistoric times. They would probably come from Asia.
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