Random result of a throw of 1 dices with 6 sides


Total score : 4

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41 X

Déjeté, what is it?

With DéJeté, you no longer need to find your dice to play your favorite games. Whether you are with family or friends, you can roll a dice or roll several dice online without having to go and find them under the table each time.

For your role-playing games (RPG), you will be able to quickly perform multiple-sided dice rolls by selecting your preferences from the online dice roll simulation form.

Throw is an online dice roll simulator. It was designed in the event that you need dice to play your games. It offers all types of dice: 6-sided dice, 9-sided dice, RPG dice, playing dice, roll d8, roll d9, etc ...

Very useful for games of chance such as Craps, 421 or Yams and Yahtzee for example, the site offers many possibilities thanks to the random number generator.

How the dice-thrower works

To obtain random dice roll simulations, players must first indicate how many dice they wish to roll as well as the type of dice to be simulated.

Then, each player can get a random number by clicking on the throw button. The program displays a virtual dice based on random variables on the screen. You can also use the dice thrower to study the odds.

All recurring questions about dice

👍 What game can you play with dice?

There are many games that can be played with dice: Craps, Yams, 421 and many others. All are related to numbers and the law of probability.
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💻 How to roll a virtual dice online?

If you don't have dice at home, you can make draws with the virtual dice roll simulator on Thrown.
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🎲 What are the different types of dice?

Many different types of dice exist. The best known today are the cubic or non-cubic dice and dice for RPG.
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⏳ What are the origins of the dice and when does it date back?

The first dice date back to prehistoric times. They would probably come from Asia.
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