History and origins of the dice

The origins of the dice

The dice to play is an object that appeared a long time ago in prehistoric times. Several have already been discovered in very old tombs. They were cubic dice several thousand years old. But these types of dice were not what we find today.

Based on findings and research, it is assumed that these are of Asian origin.

Dice games have also left a mark in history since the Roman Empire. Dice games were prohibited at this time in the majority of cases.

In history, dice games were mostly about betting and money.

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The different types of dice

Across ages and cultures, there are many derivatives and many types of dice: Spinning top dice, polyhedron-shaped dice or cubic dice for example.

These days, six-sided dice numbered 1 to 6 are mostly used for almost all board games.

There are also non-cubic dice often comprising a much larger number of sides in order to increase the probabilities. They are used a lot in role playing games (RPGs).

The dice for role play