Heads or Tails Online: Coin Toss

Toss the coin

Operation of the coin toss simulator

The heads or tails simulator works very simply. It takes up the design of the French one euro coin. As soon as a user clicks the launch button, the game begins.

The room then begins to spin. The simulator is based on a random program which then outputs a result when the play stops. The system therefore makes it possible to perform a random result between two possibilities (A or B, 0 or 1, heads or tails).

Situations for tossing a coin

Heads or tails is a little game that allows you to quickly choose between two options. It is very useful when you find yourself in a dilemma or when you need to make a fair choice.

For example, it is often found in sports. In football, at the start of a match, the referee throws a coin in the air and flips a coin to decide which team will go first. To do this, he first asks one of the two team captains which side of the coin he chooses. The winner can then say if their team starts with the ball or if it is the opposing team.

Principle of the coin toss game

The rules of the heads or tails game are relatively simple. This game is played by two people (two people or two teams for example). One of the two players chooses between heads or tails knowing that it is necessary to define beforehand which side of the coin is "heads" and which is "tails" (We often define tails the side on which we find the face value of the coin).

Once the two players agree, we throw the coin in the air by rotating it and we wait for it to fall on the ground to find out which side comes out. The face up will then determine who is the winner. There is also another variant in which you can also throw it in the air then catch it in the palm of your hand and then return it to the back of your other hand.